Monday, 15 October 2012

The horror, the horror

And on the conveyor belt tonight...

It's not an edifying sight is it? There are three sardine fillets marked down at 8p. Not that I'm not partial to a sardine fillet, fried up in butter with saute spuds, but they do repeat summat terrible and are best cooked in the open on a camping stove in the Cornish sun, straight off the boat, not several weeks old stinking the washing out in the kitchen on a damp October night.
There are some Tesco Everyday Value sausage rolls, which, to be honest I wouldn't feed to the cat, so I don't even bother to check the price out. Oh well, you can't win everytime. 
Off to Tesco's bakery dept for a small loaf, and a quick scout of the salad bar.
 Nope, nuffink there. 
The Hot Chicken Bar ( which is an invitation to a gippy tum at the best of times) is similarly denuded. 
Mrs Ixion tells me there are two cans of reduced Tetley Bitter in the booze aisle, but man cannot live on gassy corporate fake real ale alone. He's got to have chips, at least.
But even there my luck is out. All the potato product available is Potato Waffles.
Time for the second pass. Oh yes, result. Two cod fillets in spiced breadcrumbs, 60p. 
That'll do. 
The sardine fillets are still there.

I pick up another bargain, of which more anon, and scamper off to the stationary aisle with my prize.  where my good lady is trying out the Gel pens. oh it's a laugh a minute round our way. I find a small loaf and decide to go for a rare third pass. O! let joy be unconfined!
Cheddar and bacon potato skins, with dip. Another 60p.
 Now to be honest, paying 60p for three spuds and a bit of mayo is a bit over the top. And anyway another bargain hunter picks them up as I make to swoop, which is a bit out of order as they've been there for ages and she's been blocking the fridge with her trolley, but she rejects them, and I seize them like a kestrel on a vole.

Mrs Ixion decides against the fish, having had birthday buffet earlier at a work chums, so I get two plump cod fillets reduced from three quid and three of the potato skins, also 60p - these were also three quid originally. What sort of person pays three pounds for three potatoes?

Dinner for two for £1.20. I am replete

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