Friday, 5 October 2012

How can a poor man stand such times and live?

Times' is hard, whimpers the media. The masses are struggling.

And yes they are, lots of people are poor. Not dirt poor like Okies in a duststorm, or starving like Ukrainian peasants during Stalin's famine, but there sure are a lot of belts being tightened.
Of course, some of us have always been skint. I never really recovered from the 1980's, to be honest. The early 90's were no picnic, and everything got a bit wobbly when the bubble crashed as well, when was that again?
This one's been going on for a while, mind, and its not getting any easier.
Fortunately, as I've always been skint I have developed a very particular set of skills.

Skills that involve hanging round the reduced to clear fridge at supermarkets, and blagging the best bargains.
Creating a meal for less than a quid is something that satisfies my soul.
It's about avoiding the sharp pointed umbrellas of the more feral pensioner, and accepting your lot when those chicken breasts at £1.12 are snatched just as your fingers are about to seize polystyrene trayed victory. Making sure you always keep a space in the freezer for that unmissable bargain.

So here it is. Reduced To Clear Bingo.
Seeing out the latest hard times with a full stomach using the money you find down the back of the sofa.

To Battle!

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